SMACtalk Podcast: Future of Sales with Lisa Graham and Colleen Francis

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If you aren’t growing you’re dying! One of the oldest adages in business, but true by so many accounts. Even though social media and digital has changed the sales process exponentially, selling is still a core part of almost every business. The companies that are best leveraging new media, social selling and of course traditional relationship selling are going to fare the best, but what do companies need to do to succeed in all of these areas?

In this week’s SMACTalk, the fourth in our series partnership with Adobe Document Cloud, we explore the future of sales and how sales are being transformed across the enterprise. This week Adobe’s very own Lisa Graham and Selling Expert Colleen Francis joined hosts Brian Fanzo and Daniel Newman to discuss the transformation of the way we sell in a modern digital world; exploring the changes in how we sell, and what helps sales professionals rise above the rest.  A few of the questions that Graham and Francis  tackle on the show include:

  1. How have sales changed in the past few years?
  2. What has the impact of social selling been on sales professionals?
  3. How should sales professionals balance social media and personal selling in the age of digital?
  4. What can sales professionals do to stay on top for now and into the future?

Throughout the episode there were countless great examples of the changing landscape of sales provided by both Lisa Graham and Colleen Francis. With Graham doing a wonderful job of using her personal experiences at Adobe as the model, Francis often took her learnings from consulting with companies around the globe to add context and show some of the similarities and differences between Adobe’s sales culture and enterprises across the board. Of course, our hosts Fanzo and Newman couldn’t hold their tongue throughout the episode as they often incorporated their own anecdotal visions as to the changes taking place in professional sales.

One thing is for sure, sales is transforming at a great rate and for individuals as well as companies to stay relevant in sales it is important that they change with the times and get on board with the advice of Graham, Francis and the SMACtalk hosts!

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