SMACtalk Podcast: Adobe Podcast #2 With Matt Charney and Mason Stubblefield

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smactalk-podcast-adobe-podcast-2-with-matt-charney-and-mason-stubblefieldOnce upon a time, it felt like the only time an employee dealt with HR was when they were hired, when they left the company and perhaps when they had a question about their insurance or another benefit. All in all, the HR department has over the years earned a reputation as a bit of a stranger to the everyday employee. However, that reputation is changing.

In this week’s SMACTalk, the second in our series partnership with Adobe Document Cloud, we explore the future of Human Resources and HR Tech. This week Mason Stubblefield from Adobe and Matt Charney, known HR Tech Influencer joined hosts Brian Fanzo and Daniel Newman to discuss the transformation of the HR department; covering where we are now, where HR needs to go and some of the challenges and opportunities that exist.  A few of the questions that Charney and Stubblefield tackle on the show include:

  1. How has HR changed the most over the past few years?
  2. What impact have new technologies and tools had on how HR functions?
  3. Have we seen increased collaboration between HR and LOB? How else has HR improved collaboration with the organization?
  4. Real time feedback has always lacked in HR. What are some of the trends to improve that and increase employee engagement?
  5. Employees are more and more becoming extensions of brands. How can companies manage that while allowing employees to help with the brand story?

While the opinions of thought leaders Mason Stubblefield and Matt Charney tended to be similar as to the need for change in HR, it was interesting to hear from each their different views on the questions where Stubblefield provided some wonderful examples of how change is being accomplished inside of an enterprise like Adobe and Charney brought a fun, and sometimes slightly jaded view of the HR field and put a strong onus companies to strive for more employee, candidate and technology centric models that helped HR evolve fast!

One thing is for sure, there is massive disruption taking place inside the HR department as the role is moving from administrative support to the internal marketing champion for brands as well as the catalyst for employee engagement.

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