Samsung Tech Day

Samsung Tech Day: Making Memories and Driving Digital Transformation

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Samsung Tech Day

Last week I had the opportunity to be part of Samsung Semiconductor’s Tech Day in San Jose. It was an action-packed day of product announcements that culminated with a lively conversation between Samsung Corporate Senior Vice President, Jim Elliott and Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak. Wozniak kept the audience at the edge of their seats as he shared his whit, humor and real-life stories of his early days with Apple, but also gave a window into his post-Apple life comprised of a never-ending curiosity and a quiet love for Sudoko.

I also had the chance to step on stage, providing the opening keynote for Samsung Tech Day in the form of a 15-minute presentation for an impressive collection of journalists, tech analysts and attendees to discuss my vision for the future of Digital Transformation. Based upon the top 10 trends I focused on a small subset that I believed would have a significant impact on the Samsung Semiconductor community where innovation in storage and memory are at the forefront and the days announcements show just how fast this innovation is moving.

The four trends I focused on were…

  1. 5G Fixed to 5G Mobile: In the coming year, we will see 5G go mainstream with rollouts into major domestic and global markets. This will be the year 5G becomes more than just a popular talking point but an everyday part of many of our lives.
  2. Connected Clouds: We are moving toward a multi-cloud environment where companies will not only mix public, private and hybrid, but will also be leveraging multiple versions of each to provide flexibility, portability, power and compliance among other requirements.
  3. Data to Analytics to Machine Learning to AI: We have a mass of data that is barely being used, the next year will see a strong growth of data processing for machine learning and AI as storage and memory allow for more data to be incorporated into training sets for AI.
  4. Edge to Core to IoT Much More: The future of smart cities, autonomous vehicles, intelligent buildings and stadiums and real-time analytics are completely dependent on edge infrastructure, IoT growth, 5G deployments AND a strong relationship between edge and cloud.

These trends will all be realized in the coming year as the semiconductor space enables them with increased speed, compute, storage and memory. Without continued innovation in silicon, these trends will stagnate, but I’m confident that this will not be the case. There is also a critical interdependence between these four trends as they all are enablers of data and analytics to be more successfully leveraged for business and customer experience. Seeing the semiconductor space building the SOCs and chips to support this makes me increasingly confident that these trends will be realized sooner than later!

Samsung Tech Day was not only memorable, but it was the personification of humans and technology meeting with the clear intention of driving digital transformation. While it is popular to speak about the future, the ability for cloud, big data, machine learning and AI (among many other things) to be fully realized is only going to be limited by the ability of silicon to enable compute, storage and memory to match the world’s lust for mobility and real-time connection to anyone, anywhere on any device. While Wozniak may have been fondly looking to the past where 4k and 8k was enough to start the computing revolution, it will require the exponential growth that was discussed at Samsung Tech Day to take us into the future of where computing needs to go and that was most certainly visible at last week’s event.

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