Oracle Wisely Teams Up With NVIDIA To Tackle Enterprise AI

Oracle Wisely Teams Up With NVIDIA To Tackle Enterprise AI

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Oracle Wisely Teams Up With NVIDIA To Tackle Enterprise AI

The News: Oracle is pushing the envelope on what NVIDIA GPUs can do in the cloud.

Find out how, next week at Oracle OpenWorld and Code One in San Francisco, where NVIDIA and Oracle will showcase their growing collaboration to bring AI and GPU-accelerated applications to the enterprise.

Integrating CUDA-X libraries into GraalVM applications, enhancing conversational AI with Oracle Digital Assistant, and accelerating data science pipelines through the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Science service are a few examples of how enterprise customers and developers worldwide will benefit from GPU-accelerated computing.

The companies first teamed up by bringing bare metal GPUs to the public cloud through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, fueling innovation across a broad range of industries. Engineers, developers, data scientists and researchers are using these instances to power visualization, AI/machine learning, big data, database and HPC workloads. Read the full press release on NVIDIA.

Analyst Take: It’s a busy week ahead for Oracle as the company’s marquee event, Oracle World kicks off today in San Francisco.

Last week, was equally as busy for Oracle as it saw its Co-CEO Mark Hurd take a leave of absence as well as reporting its FY ’20 Q1 Earnings, where the company saw mixed results on revenue and earnings.

During the company’s earnings announcement, one of the areas flagged for growth was its Autonomy business, which refers to its Autonomous Database and Cloud businesses. Oracle touted more than 500 new customers for the business. For me, it is the focus on AI and the value that Oracle users can extra from data that I found encouraging.

This announcement of a deepened partnership with NVIDIA, is also a noteworthy partnership that should help Oracle deliver more value for its customers.

What Partnering With NVIDIA Means For Oracle Users?

To make a relatively long story short, the incorporation of NVIDIA GPUs into the Oracle Cloud will act as an accelerator for Oracle users looking to operationalize data using machine learning.

Highlights for me included:

  • Specialized capabilities that all Oracle users leveraging GraalVM/JVM languages such as JavaScript for enterprise applications to deploy ML to unlock the power of their data.
  • Incorporating NVIDIA’s strength in conversational AI will provide Oracle Users a significant benefit to adding usable bot frameworks to execute commands while incorporating the complexities of natural language and context.
  • Enabling low-latency, high throughput data from IoT and Sensor rich environments to power real time prognostics in complex environments that run in the cloud.
  • Power OCI’s data science services using NVIDIA GPUs along with RAPIDS to deploy and improve ML models more quickly.

An Important Partnership for Oracle

NVIDIA has one of the strongest reputations in the world for its ability to do ML Training. Oracle, and its massive customer base must be able to utilize broad data sets. Accuracy and time to value are going to be critical for users and this partnership should provide confidence and enhanced capabilities to Oracle’s customers. Perhaps even more important is that these capabilities in the cloud will add a selling point for Oracle’s cloud business, which hasn’t has an easy road, but aligning with NVIDIA should provide a much needed boost.

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