Openet ECS

Openet ECS Platform Captures Early 5G Operator Mindshare

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Openet ECS

Openet ECS Platform Captures Early 5G Operator Mindshare

This week, the Openet ECS platform launched. The Evolved Charging Suite (ECS) for 5G is a microservices-based system designed to deliver new monetization models. The Openet ECS is cloud-native, designed to enable operators to respond to market opportunities with increased agility.  Read the full press release at Openet.

Openet’s Goal: Readying Operators for Agility and Monetization Breakthroughs in the 5G Era

Analyst Take: With the launch of Openet ECS,  the company’s goal is readying operators for agility and monetization breakthroughs in the 5G era, as well as capturing mind share in the early stages of operator adoption of 5G charging systems.

Fundamentally, operators require policy and charging systems purpose-built for 5G environments to realize 5G monetization objectives. Openet’s ECS delivers 5G CHF (Charging Function) and CCS (Convergent Charging System) capabilities essential to enabling support with existing 2G/3G/4G and fixed services with fast-growing 5G service debuts.

About Openet ECS

Openet ECS is developed on a Service-Based Architecture (SBA) that uses service mesh technologies for network integration, scalability, and resilience. Using open source components, such as Docker and Kubernetes, and employing Digital APIs to ease integration, the Openet ECS promises dramatic OpEx reductions, relieving operators of the higher OpEX costs that usually accompany legacy charging systems.

As such, Openet rapidly gains differentiation against legacy policy and charging systems against players like Cisco, Oracle, Huawei, Ericsson, and Nokia.

The Competition is Not Standing Still

As expected, the competition is not standing still, with major brands already racing to fulfill emerging operator 5G charging and monetization demands.

Nokia’s Smart Plan Suite (SPS) provides the policy control, online rating/charging, and customer engagement functions key to monetizing dynamic digital 5G services. Nokia looks to claim SPS differentiation through integration of native Nokia Cognitive Analytics capabilities.

Ericsson Charging already provides 5G capabilities such as Network Slicing over the SBI (REST-based) interface.

Oracle is developing its 5G next generation core (NGC) portfolio to provide 5G policy and charging capabilities.

Openet’s Differentiators

Despite the intense competition, Openet is differentiating the ECS solution by explicating the deployment models it supports. This includes complete intelligent network (IN) replacement, adjunct charging capability, integrated Policy and Charging (PCC) replacement, and powering DevOps-based co-development with operators using Openet’s library of microservices.

Overall, Openet is well-positioned to win early operator mind share, expanding its channel influence and drive the adoption of their rapidly evolving 5G monetization requirements.

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