The Next Big Use for AI? Meet Your Virtual Assistant, Scheduler Extraordinaire.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do so much already—power your company’s B2B sales process, transform your recruitment strategy, boost the potential for customer service, and more—but there’s one lingering question that has been on the mind of Principal Futurum Analyst, Shelly Kramer.

“If AI is all about simplifying my life by eliminating mundane tasks, why can’t it schedule my meetings? My real-life assistants are amazing, but having a meeting scheduling dynamo would make all our lives easier.”

It turns out, that solution is here in the form of an AI-powered virtual assistant.

Since, a NYC-based tech startup, released its initial AI scheduling solution back in 2014, the technology has only grown. What initially started with one virtual assistant—Amy Ingram—has since expanded into a team of two: Amy’s “twin,” Andrew Ingram, is now an option as well.

How does it all work? After an initial, real-life meeting request, an Ingram jumps in, doing all the back-and-forth emailing to nail down details like time and place. Once all parties agree, you get a notification synced to your calendar. That’s it—painless.

Since we’re talking about AI here, there are additional perks. For instance, over time, Amy and Andrew can learn your personal preferences. They’re friendly, too—Amy, in fact, has even been asked out for drinks by schedulers unaware of her robot status.

Intrigued? Do you want a graphic example of how’s solution works? Better yet, are you interested in learning how you can make Amy or Andrew work for you? Read Shelly’s full take—including insight into other companies offering AI-based virtual assistants—on Futurum, your go-to home for industry analysis and thoughtful insight you can use to stay competitive. Read: AI Is Going to Be Your New BFF.

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