Modern CMOs Can Have It Rough. We’ll Tell You How to Power Through

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modern-cmos-can-have-it-rough-well-tell-you-how-to-power-throughWhat does it take to be a successful CMO in an increasingly demanding, highly digital, constantly changing marketplace? In short, it takes a lot—a lot of focus on digital transformation, a lot of movement, a lot of diplomacy, and a lot of grit. To rise to the top and keep organizations competitive, modern CMOs must be adaptable, innovative, and agile.

Three great buzzwords, yes? Actually, no. We’re not trying to give you the warm fuzzies. We’re giving you strategies to keep your profitability hot and your relevancy as a marketer—well, on fire. And the truth is that enterprise marketing is hard. Executive level enterprise marketing is even harder. There’s a hoard of stakeholders—some want to spend money, some don’t. Some love your ideas about utilizing new technologies, others need more convincing. Your campaigns and initiatives can be real winners, or they can sink—and sink hard. What then? What separates the winning CMOs from those who struggle?

You must be adaptable, approaching setbacks as opportunities and presenting strategies and plans however best paves the way for forward motion in your organization. You must be learning agile—not only having experiences, but also using them to help lead change and solve problems. And whether you’re leading the conversation about enterprise innovation or showing up armed with analytic data a fresh perspective, you’ve got to focus on adding value. (Oh, and don’t forget to build teams who embody these same principles.)

Listen, we know digital transformation is all-encompassing and can be a challenge for marketers, but you’re not late to the party. This IS YOUR PARTY. You’ve got more access to data than ever before, and more power to use it to affect organizational change. Being adaptable, innovative, and agile can get you there.

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Shelly Kramer is a 20+ year marketing veteran and CEO of V3 Broadsuite, a marketing consultancy, and the President of Broadsuite Media Group. She’s a business strategist focused on B2B digital transformation, and delivering integrated marketing solutions for clients. She’s an expert at omnichannel marketing, content strategy and execution, connecting social media to business initiatives, and helping clients leverage the web for growth and profitability.