microsoft oracle partnership

Microsoft Oracle Partnership — Focused on Cloud Interoperability

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microsoft oracle partnership

The Microsoft Oracle partnership, announced midweek last week, aims to provide improved cloud interoperability services and make it easier for customers to migrate workloads across the Microsoft Azure and Oracle cloud. Read more, Janakiram JMV’s coverage on Forbes.

Microsoft Oracle Partnership

Analyst Take: Oracle has over 430,000 customers in 175 countries. And while the market sentiment toward Oracle is often highly polarized, there is no question that with so many customers so widely spread out, that their customers are going to be seeking flexibility when it comes to moving their Oracle deployments to the cloud.

Having said that, Oracle has not necessarily been open with helping their customers deploy in the cloud—unless it is their own.

The Microsoft Oracle partnership is the first step in making Oracle in the cloud a more user friendly proposition. At the very least, it is finally offering a level of choice to Oracle administrators seeking to leverage the vast capabilities of Azure to get more from their deployments.

It’s important to note that this partnership isn’t for on-premises Oracle users looking to make an initial move to Cloud, but rather for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure users who want to do more on Azure.

With simple workload mapping and pre-configured/certified Azure applications, databases, and workloads, Oracle is showing a likelihood to expand on these offerings to further how Oracle users can get more from running their systems on Azure. Users will also benefit from Microsoft’s AI, IoT, Edge, and Blockchain services on Azure.

Going forward, it will be interesting to see the investment in this partnership. With Oracle Cloud somewhat stagnating, if not teetering entirely, the alignment with Microsoft can only bring comfort to Oracle customers. I will be interested in watching out for further partnerships—is this an indicator of things to come, such as Oracle expanding to the likes of Amazon or Google, or will this remain a more strategic partnership?

I’m encouraged by the partnership, as I believe it is much needed for Oracle, and Microsoft is well-positioned to add value to the Oracle customer ecosystem.

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