Exploring the Future of Work: SMACtalk Podcast with Adobe’s Jon Perera

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What will the future look like? For businesses today this may be one of the most commonly asked and pressing questions. With the pace of change accelerating at breakneck pace, companies no longer have the luxury of depending on what is working today in order to sustain profits. As fast as companies rise today, they can fall. And for most companies, their product becomes obsolete the moment a better product, service or experience enters the market.

At SMACtalk, we focus on talking about the biggest technology and people challenges that impact business, and on this episode of SMACTalk we bring the Future of Work from and center to the conversation. To kick off a four part series with our new partners Adobe Document Cloud, we had the opportunity to bring a special guest, Jon Perera. Jon is Vice President at Adobe and he is one of the future forward thinkers in the organization. In this episode we focus in on:

1. Why future of work has become such an important topic?
2. What can companies do to help people keep up with the changing workplace?
3. How Remote and Flex Work is driving performance in the workplace?
4. What are the biggest trends that we will see in the workplace in the next one, three and five years?

While there are no crystal balls for what the workplace of tomorrow will look like, what we do know is rapid change and technological shifts are going to continue to put pressure on business leaders to create highly agile environments that enable businesses to innovate in the most challenging of times.

Are you ready to take a look into the future of work? Join Brian, Daniel and our guest, Jon Perera in this weeks SMACTalk.

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