Circle Provides Industry-First Weekly USDC Stablecoin Transparency

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The News: Circle now provides industry-first weekly USDC stablecoin transparency by reporting on minting and redemption activity. The company intends to provide daily reporting in the future. Read the full announcement from Circle here.

Circle Provides Industry-First Weekly USDC Stablecoin Transparency

Analyst Take: Transparency is sorely lacking in much of the cryptocurrency world. Done right, it reduces risk and builds trust. That’s why the news of Circle’s industry-first stablecoin minting and redemption reporting is of interest — it further positions USDC as a leading stablecoin.

This announcement is part of a bigger and exciting push by Circle to further differentiate the largest regularly audited dollar-backed stablecoin by market capitalization. As of mid-2021, stablecoin competitor USDP issued by Paxos could likely claim the title as most transparent. With recent announcements, it appears USDC has taken the lead.

Circle’s USDC is Differentiated as Transparent and Backed by Low-Risk Assets

Circle’s USDC is differentiated as transparent and backed by low-risk assets, updates that have come in the past year.

Starting in mid-2021, Circle announced that they were simplifying and de-risking the collateral that backs USDC. That work was complete in time for the September 2021 USDC attestation report from accountant Grant Thornton. Since that report, USDC has only been backed by cash and cash equivalents with less than 90 days maturity. Circle has since clarified that those cash equivalents are restricted to short-dated US Treasuries.

Circle already helped set a standard for transparency with monthly attestation reports from a globally recognized account that details the assets backing USDC. This recent announcement which provides weekly information on minting and redemption enables USDC holders to further ascertain the stablecoin’s solvency and liquidity in between monthly attestations. That may soon become daily according to the company.

It’s progress that’s great for both Circle and the industry at large. Circle’s industry-first transparency reports, alongside the other updates, raise the bar for what a stablecoin can be. But there’s still room for further improvements.

Circle Can Help All Stablecoins as a Standard Setter

Circle can help all stablecoins as a standard setter. Self-regulatory organizations and private, consortium-based insurance are among the hallmarks of modern finance. Circle can further its leadership position as the founder of such an organization.

There are many successful models from traditional finance for how a stablecoin standards consortium could work. It would be member-owned and operated with voluntary standards for what’s a consortium-approved stablecoin. The consortium itself, or approved vendors, would be responsible for verifying that a stablecoin meets the standards. All stablecoins issuers who meet the standard would be eligible to become consortium members.

Members would benefit from not only the badge of approval but also from a group insurance policy funded by the members themselves. If any member in good standing had a liquidity crisis, the insurance policy would help them weather the storm. That’s a benefit that can materially de-risk all high-quality stablecoins, with the consumer as the ultimate winner.

Circle’s already doing great work today positioning USDC as a trusted and transparent stablecoin. I look forward to future announcements further cementing its leadership position.

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