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Want Customers? Start with Go-to-Market Innovation

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Developing a product without a go-to-market strategy is like trying to fly an airplane with an empty fuel tank. You’ve invested huge sums of money into designing the plane, building the plane, hiring a staff and servicing the plane, but if you don’t add fuel, it’s not going anywhere. And yet this happens all the time—great products, painstakingly developed, with …

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HP Betting on Seamless Workflow

In Business and Leadership by Daniel Newman1 Comment

For years, consumers have been eager to combine the computing power of their PCs with the mobility of their smart phones. Many companies have ignored this demand, focusing instead on adding snazzy new features to woo consumers with the next wave of technology. HP, however, has developed a new device that consumers have been waiting for—the seamless work phone. We …

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Knowing What Really Sets Your Business Apart

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Cloud and software are not only changing the way we do business, but also the way we think about IT and competitive advantage. In an effort to streamline efficiency, companies are now separating and outsourcing non-competitive processes. Of course, content and marketing are vital for any business, but further competitive processes depend on the particulars of your specific business needs …

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Mastering Customer Experience Starts with Customer Journey Mapping

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Marketing in the modern world means making a personalized connection with your consumer base. The old way of blindly advertising and marketing based on vague data about generalized demographics doesn’t accomplish that goal. With better analytics and information than ever before driving business strategy, companies can now create accurate customer journey maps that help them direct and retarget marketing activities …

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How Crystal Can Give Your Sales Team a Boost

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If you’re focused on sales and business development, I’d venture a guess that you’re always looking for something that will give you a leg up. Enter Crystal and the app’s seriously insightful algorithms that quickly analyze publicly available data to tell you more about people want to connect with. It could be just the boost that your sales team, or …

Fear Not the Digital Vortex: Why Businesses Must Evolve

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A recent report titled “Digital Vortex: How Digital Disruption Is Redefining Industries” from the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation predicted that 4 in 10 incumbent leaders across all industries will fall victim to the digital vortex in the next 5 years. But what is the “digital vortex?” It is, as Joseph M. Bradley explained in Cisco’s official blog, “the …

Mobile World Congress: Geofencing may forever change mobile shopping

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BARCELONA, SPAIN — Pulling up to my hotel at Mobile World Congress 2015 (MWC 2015), I found myself just around the corner from the home of the world renowned “futbol” club FC Barcelona, Camp Nou. With every game, tens of thousands of fans pack the seats to witness their team play. This, however, isn’t limited to just FC Barcelona but to stadiums and …

Creating More Productive Companies Through Workplace Gamification

In Business and Leadership by Daniel Newman3 Comments

Futurist Faith Popcorn claimed that 70% of large enterprises are using some type of workplace gamification to incentivize their employees. Gartner has estimated similar numbers. With gamification of the workplace, or “enterprise gamification,” today’s companies seem to have found a way to make everyday business tasks more fun and engaging. Does gamification really work within an enterprise framework? It sure does. At least, …

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C-Suite Revolution: Customer Officers and Data Officers Emerge As the Next Top Executives 

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Over the past few years, there has been a ton of talk about the emerging roles of the CIO and CMO. A Forrester report has revealed that CIOs are responsible for transforming businesses and spurring innovation, while CMOs are demonstrating excellent practice and added value in accelerating the marketing achievements of their organizations. Despite the transformative impact that CIOs and …