Boingo Wireless and AWS Expand Partnership Benefitting Major Airports and Stadiums

Boingo Wireless and AWS Expand Partnership Benefitting Major Airports and Stadiums

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Boingo Wireless and AWS Expand Partnership Benefitting Major Airports and Stadiums

The News: Boingo Wireless and AWS expanded their partnership, integrating AWS edge and cloud services with Boingo’s converged network offering. The integration can be implemented with distributed antenna systems (DAS), WiFi and other private network deployments. Stadiums, airports, manufacturing facilities, healthcare facilities and other large enterprises are key candidates for this expanded partnership. Read the full press release here.

Boingo Wireless and AWS Expand Partnership Benefitting Major Airports and Stadiums

Analyst Take: Boingo Wireless is a leading provider of WiFi networks, 5G networks and other wireless network solutions for large venues like stadiums and airports. This expanded partnership with AWS will drive innovation for these enterprise customers. Combining AWS’ edge and computing capabilities with Boingo’s managed networks one place for large enterprises to monitor and operate consumer and business applications.

Why does this matter? Large venues like airports and stadiums can leverage cutting-edge technologies from AWS with their existing infrastructure. This opens the door for digital and network transformation laying the foundation for connected use cases that can deliver secure customer experiences that will not disappoint. And when you’re in a crowded airport or stadium, isn’t that what you want? A quick and seamless connection.

Seeing the Partnership in Action at O’Hare

At Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, Boingo recently launched a new private network using Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum connecting IoT devices and powering essential airport services. To further transition to touchless experiences for passengers, O’Hare launched a virtual customer service center at its Traveler’s Aid Station that needed its own wireless network to facilitate live video chats with on-site passengers and remote staff.

Instead of deploying the solution on the existing infrastructure which would’ve clogged the bandwidth and potentially caused headaches for passengers, O’Hare looked to Boingo to design a cloud-based private network. The new network was implemented within a few days and was
built with AWS to securely host the video data.

Unmatched speed and reliable high-quality video calls for improved customer service without impacting the other travelers in the airport? I call that a win.

Converged Connectivity and Private Networks of the Future

Biongo’s private networks are built for interoperability, unified management and ease installation. But the best part? They can be implemented with 5G, LTE, CBRS and WiFi 6 technologies. It’s clear that Boingo is planning for the future, no matter what network is in use. Topping it off with the extended partnership with AWS, and integrating AWS’s edge and cloud services is smart. This will allow Boingo to take their network operations to the next level making it easy for large venues to bring connectivity and data services to their own customers.

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