Technology Best Practices for a Mobile Millennial Workforce! #CloudTalk

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Technology Best Practices for a Mobile Millennial Workforce! #CloudTalk

On #CloudTalk today we talk about the new report from Join.Me titled “PREPPING FOR THE MILLENNIAL WORKPLACE INVASION”

A coming of age is coming to work! Millennials currently represent over 50% of the nation’s workforce, and in 25 years, that number will jump to a massive 75%. That’s not a misprint – it’s a full-on takeover, and we’re totally looking forward to it. Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 8.52.20 PM

In this eBook, we’ve compiled some original research with commentary from leaders about this fascinating generation. We evaluate trends in Millennial mobile habits, career aspirations, and workplace behavior to help determine what to expect as the generational scales begin to tip – and how you can prepare for the future of work.

Download full eBook here! —

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All of the barriers that have traditionally kept people from collaborating successfully will be eliminated by a combination of software, electronics, WiFi and ingenuity

Q1. What are the biggest barriers preventing companies from implementing a #Mobile first workplace? #CloudTalk

Only 28% of Millennials feel their current organization is making full use of their skills.*

Q2. What technology or training is needed to empower employees #Mobile skillsets? #CloudTalk

80% of Millennials sleep with their phones next to their bed*.

Q3. What are your favorite collaboration and productivity tools that you use at work? #Cloudtalk

Young business executives under the age of 35 host 52% of their meetings online.*

Q4. Meetings SUCK, What can executives and managers do to improve the quality of meetings online & offline? #Cloudtalk

According to a recent study by the IBM Institute for Business Value, Millennials’ top three preferences for learning new skills at work are physical, not virtual.

Q5. What makes a training or learning opportunity valuable? What are some examples of events you’ve been too? #Cloudtalk

As any Millennial who’s into “Star Trek” will tell you, we boldly go where no generation has gone before. As more and more Millennials enter the workforce, we’ll see a definitive, permanent shift to a more mobile, connected and collaborative work environment.
Q6. What are your predictions for the future of the workplace w/ a permanent shift to a more mobile, connected and collaborative work environment? #Cloudtalk

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