#Cloudtalk: Which Came First, Mobile or The Cloud?

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#Cloudtalk: Which Came First, Mobile or The Cloud?

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Which Came First: Mobile or the Cloud

Q1. Cloud is a super hot topic today. What do you think the biggest drivers of cloud growth are today? #cloudtalk

Q2. With Mobile usage surpassing the desktop, how big is the impact of mobile on the growth of cloud? #cloudtalk

Q3. Would you say that mobile has driven cloud growth or has cloud growth lead to the mobile explosion? #cloudtalk

Q4. What are some of the biggest impacts that mobile today is having on the workforce? #cloudtalk

Q5. Has mobile in the enterprise or SMB taken off as much as it has for consumers? #cloudtalk

Q6. What are some of the biggest misconceptions about mobility and mobile computing? #cloudtalk

Q7. Mobile devices keep getting bigger. Remember when small was cool? Will that trend ever return? #cloudtalk

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