Utilities Can Survive Digital Disruption with Hybris Solution

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Utilities Can Survive Digital Disruption with Hybris SolutionDisruption in the today’s digital economy has led utilities to explore new revenue streams to increase profit and cut expenses. This consumer-driven digital disruption has completely transformed the utilities market on an unprecedented scale. The simple days of supply and demand for utility providers are over, and the future only holds more disruption from the digital age.

So, how can utility providers combat this seismic shift? SAP Hybris Solution is a combination of new technologies designed specifically to enable the utilities industry to monitor customer data. Hybris Solution also allows companies to build and retain customer relationships through data monitoring and precise billing, marketing, and customer service processes. Need more convincing on how Hybris Solution is the game changing technology to combat digital disruption? Lets examine some of the multiple benefits Hybris Solution offers utility providers.

Current CIS Systems vs. Hybris Solution

Current CIS systems are rigid and do not provide customers with the flexibility they desire. For utilities, providing customers with fluid technology through every stage of the purchasing and maintenance processes is vital. Hybrid Solution utilizes Hybris C4C, Hybris Billing, and Hybris Marketing technologies to ensure flexibility and efficiency in today’s digital economy.

Customer Acquisition, Customer Service, and Billing Improved With Hybris Solution

The combination of Hybris C4C, Hybris Billing, and Hybris Marketing gives utilities every tool needed to combat digital disruption. Through Hybris Marketing, utilities will be able to reach massive target audiences through huge datasets—more customer data equates to more customer insight and more customer acquisitions and retention. Hybris Marketing also allows utilities to manage and monitor marketing campaigns more efficiently—a must in today’s digital marketplace.

Increasing the revenue stream is a goal for utilities. Through Hybris Solution—specifically Hybris Billing—utilities can more efficiently monitor billing process while simultaneously providing customers with flexible and simplified payment methods. Hybris solution gives utilities the ability to change and transform with the digital marketplace by offering an experience customers have come to expect in the digital age.

Digital disruption is extremely prevalent in the current customer service processes. For utilities, it is no different and Hybris Solution—Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C)—offers utilities a cloud based customer service platform that allows them to instantaneously view a customer’s history. The data capabilities of Hybris Solution will efficiency render digital disruption in the customer service sector obsolete.

The Takeaway

Utilities have not been immune to digital disruption in today’s marketplace. The antiquated system of supply and demand is over, and for utilities to stay viable and increase revenue a new and advanced solution is needed. Hybris Solution offers utilities modern, effective, and efficient ways to combat digital disruption in the marketplace. If you’re interested in learning more about how Hybris Solution can specifically combat digital disruption in utilities, download How Hybris Solution is Helping Utilities Survive Digital Disruption today!

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