Live at #MWC15 Personalization the Biggest Mobile Trend Nobody is Talking About! #SMACtalk Ep 19

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In this episode of SMACtalk Live, Daniel and Brian bring you a personalized story about, well, personalization, straight from Mobile World Congress live 2015 in Barcelona, Spain.  Mobility is a very hot topic. Just walk the floor of any event, go to the store, look at the driver next to you, or consider how you interact with technology throughout the …

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#CES2015: It’s All About the Big Data [#Podcast]

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Sure Big Data isn’t a new topic. In fact the idea that we are making such a big deal about it is kind of funny because as enterprises we have been collecting, storing and inappropriately been using data for decades. Yes, we have more of it now, and more data means more challenges. However, our big data problem may not …