The Sharing Economy is People Fueled and Cloud Powered

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Sharing technology is all around us. Some well-known companies like Uber (get a ride) and AirBnB (get a room) have mastered it, providing utility and relevancy from their always-available apps. Note that now, though, there are sharing apps for more than just cars and beds. From food to friendship, we can get on-demand, geographically useful access to whatever we need, …

Will the Collaborative Economy Completely Reimagine Tomorrows Big Business

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Today, the largest car rental and hospitality companies are Uber and Airbnb, respectively. What do they have in common? Let’s see— neither of them own physical possessions associated with their service and both have turned a non-performing asset into an incredible revenue source. Don’t be surprised because this is the new model for doing business. People want to rent instead …

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Mobile, Future of Work and The Collaborative Economy

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What is hot? I mean, what are people clamoring to these days? I enter a room full of futurists and I listen. Uber this and Air BNB that; these companies are changing the way business is done by reorganizing human potential into a way that is cohesive, manageable and let’s not forget useful to the rest of society. Sure Uber …