Qualcomm and Samsung Up Their Alliance with Seven-Year Extension of Patent Licensing Agreement

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Futurum’s Ron Westfall explores why the reaffirmation and expansion of the Qualcomm and Samsung partnership, including a seven-year patent licensing extension and Snapdragon platform collaboration in co-developing future Galaxy mobile devices, provides mobile ecosystem supply chain stability amidst recent turbulence due to global pandemic and geopolitical factors and provides a marked contrast to the Qualcomm Apple patent licensing relationship.

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What Qualcomm’s Landmark Antitrust Victory Against the FTC Really Means for the Mobile Industry, Investors, and Consumers

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The 9th Circuit’s decision is not just a victory for Qualcomm. It is also a victory for the mobile industry at large, a victory for consumers and investors, and a victory, of course, for innovators as well. The widespread sigh of relief when the court reaffirmed over a century of fundamental IP law that Judge Koh might have otherwise upended, could be felt as much as heard around the world.