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Security Heightens as Hackers Target Mobile

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Many enterprises have taken to creating their own proprietary apps and software, and mobile devices are now a mainstay in modern business. Shadow IT isn’t the only concern accompanying the growth of mobile in the business world, however. As mobile technology becomes more popular and pervasive, hackers are turning their attention toward mobile devices. Understand Shadow IT in Modern Business …

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How Mobile Device Management Is a CIO’s Best Friend

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This post is sponsored by Samsung Business. All thoughts and opinions are my own. In the age of Shadow IT, we don’t know what’s happening on employee devices—whether they’re personally owned or company issued. Are your employees brainstorming via the latest enterprise-approved social collaboration app, or scrolling through Instagram adding photos of internal office spaces (and possibly internal office proprietary documentation)? Is …

Are we considering mobile security when developing a mobile strategy?

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Enterprises large and small are going mobile. In fact, with BYOD (bring your own device), a wide range of mobile devices are making their way into businesses, and employees are exposing companies to security issues through shadow IT, the cloud, and the app economy, with or without their knowledge. A new study by eBay shows that one in every four online …

#SMACTalk Episode #31 – Just How Secure Are Our Mobile Devices?

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For this episode, Brian and I partnered up with F-Secure, inventors of software that enables users to keep themselves private while connected to the web via mobile. They reached out via Twitter so I researched the product and the topic, finding it intriguing enough to discuss further. Are people really aware of how secure they are (or are not) on …