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Qualcomm’s New Bluetooth Audio SoCs Represent Quiet Evolution

In Technology News by Olivier BlanchardLeave a Comment

Qualcomm is introducing two new Bluetooth audio SoCs that are small enough to fit into earbuds and designed to elevate what the company calls the “truly wireless” consumer experience. While this news is admittedly exciting, it is not Qualcomm’s first foray into earbud-sized Bluetooth audio System-on-Chip (SOCs). The San Diego chipmaker has been semi-quietly partnering with major consumer brands to bring high quality truly wireless audio to consumers for some time now, and this latest generation of Bluetooth audio SoCs is merely the natural evolution of the Qualcomm QCC5100 series and the Qualcomm QCC302x series. That aside, I see even more exciting things ahead for Qualcomm in the Bluetooth audio earbud market. Here’s why.