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Businesses Need Extreme Recruiting to Win Over the Brightest Millennial Tech Talent

In Future of Work by Steffen MaierLeave a Comment

Millennials and Generation Z are flocking to Silicon Valley for jobs. No surprise, then, that many companies outside the Valley are looking for innovative ways to attract and retain star coders in a technology-driven market. One of these is a successful new practice called extreme recruiting. A study from Burning Glass found programming jobs are growing 12 percent faster than …

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10 Stats Linking Employee Experience with Customer Experience

In HR Tech by Shelly KramerLeave a Comment

I ran across an infographic in a Forbes article recently, exploring the 10 stats linking employee experience to customer experience. It really is a thing, you know—employee experience impacts customer experience, in more ways than you might realize. When companies focus on creating culture and providing a great employee experience, it affects every aspect of the business, including the customer …

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How Digital Transformation is Shifting Talent and Hiring

In Digital Transformation by Daniel Newman1 Comment

The digital age is constantly evolving, and mobile platforms have opened up new ways for us to connect, from anywhere, at any time. Mobile platforms are driving new levels of accessibility, allowing more and more people to tailor their work schedules to their liking. This has made us more attached to our devices—with information and our social circles constantly at …