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Intel Provides its Multi-Year Roadmap Beyond 3nm to 20A

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Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has charted a path to expand Intel’s leadership in both semiconductor design and fabrication, including the new RibbonFET transistor architecture, the PowerVia power delivery system, and a revamped node framework that sets the stage for a shift from Nanometer to Angstrom terminology. Our Futurum analysts break it down and explain why this, and the new Intel Foundry Services (IFS), are key to Intel achieving process performance parity by 2024 and leadership by 2025.

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Marvell and TSMC Show that Size Does Matter

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The Marvell-TSMC collaboration is set to pay long-term dividends for both companies. Marvell fortifies its ability to further differentiate the OCTEON portfolio in areas such as gate density, performance, and power efficiencies to drive innovation across the data infrastructure market. In turn TSMC validates its 5nm foundry credentials to further boost its supply chain influence throughout the semiconductor market – a win-win collaboration for both companies.