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Twitter Slapped with $150 Million Fine by Federal Investigators, Undermining Credibility and Trust

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Futurum’s Ron Westfall examines the implications of the $150 million fine imposed on Twitter for data privacy violations by the U.S. FTC including diminishing user trust in the social media platform’s adherence to data privacy expectations and guidelines as well as how Elon Musk’s pending takeover could restore trust levels by taking the company private and making its codebase open source.

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US Antitrust Action against Google Could Come Sooner than Expected

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At the heart of Google’s US antitrust troubles is the search giant’s staggering advantage in online search: Google processes roughly 90% of all online searches in the US. But there’s a difference between hypercompetitive behavior and anticompetitive behavior, and I believe that’s what this case is about. As this plays out, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the DOJ’s antitrust case against Google rubbing up against the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals’ recent ruling in FTC vs. Qualcomm. Interesting times ahead, to be sure.