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AWS Nitro Enclaves: The AWS Answer for Trusted Execution Environments

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We believe that with AWS entering the Confidential Computing space, the bigger message here is that Big Tech is increasingly addressing data security in novel and important ways by addressing the entire data chain to ensure that organizations are able to pass on that security to their customers. We expect big things ahead in the Confidential Computing space and AWS, as always, is on the forefront.

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Broadcom Growth by Acquisition Strategy Continues with $10.7B Symantec Acquisition

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Broadcom’s $10.7B acquisition of Symantec’s enterprise security business moves forward, as Avago’s ‘growth by acquisition’ strategy continues to play out. Semiconductors is one business, enterprise security software, an entirely different one. It will be interesting to watch how Avago’s Hock Tan and his penchant for streamlining operations impacts the company post-acquisition.

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Top 8 Trends to Watch in Security Integration

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As technology continues to evolve, people and businesses are focusing more of their attention on security. Whether they are looking to protect themselves, their data, or their company and employees, the top security integration trends showcase the latest technology available to meet their needs. Cloud Storage for Video Surveillance The cloud has been around for some time, and it’s now …