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10 Stats Linking Employee Experience with Customer Experience

In HR Tech by Shelly KramerLeave a Comment

I ran across an infographic in a Forbes article recently, exploring the 10 stats linking employee experience to customer experience. It really is a thing, you know—employee experience impacts customer experience, in more ways than you might realize. When companies focus on creating culture and providing a great employee experience, it affects every aspect of the business, including the customer …

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Gamification, Not Just for Employees but Customers Too! 

In Technology by Daniel Newman1 Comment

Pokémon GO was annoyingly addictive. (I speak from experience.) But even more than that, it was marketing at its best. The game got Pikachu back on the maps of children and adults alike—literally—and is estimated to have earned $500 million in just 60 days. If gamification can do that for a child’s card game, imagine what it could do for …

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Say Yes to Gamification

In Technology by Meghan M. Biro3 Comments

Gamification is proving to be an effective tactic to help motivate employees and increase engagement. A dedicated workforce can be your greatest asset and — whether it’s because of lower employee turnover or increased productivity. That’s why employers are often looking for innovative ways to improve their workplace culture, and some are even adding fun gaming elements to help stimulate …

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Understanding the Power of Policies for BYOD

In CIO/IT by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

Shadow IT is a credible security threat. For a time, the bring your own device (BYOD) trend was seen as a major contributor to that threat. BYOD does not have to compete with security demands, however. If you embrace it with education and engagement, BYOD can be a tool to launch your company forward. Consider the Need for a Well-Strategized …

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How IoT Will Improve Employee Engagement

In IoT by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

This post is sponsored by Samsung Business. All thoughts and opinions are my own. When devices get to know us better, technology can instantly have an impact, creating better experiences. For instance, many of us have encountered targeted marketing. When we’re searching for something online, generally speaking, it’s probably an item we need or want. If we’re then given ads for …

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The CIO Challenge: People, Not Devices, Are Driving the Future of Mobility

In Mobility by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

Mobility is an enormous trend in the modern workforce. It seems everyone who works is now connected via a mobile device. With phones, pads, phablets, tablets, and ultra-lightweight laptops, there’s no shortage of mobile devices being juggled about the workplace. However, simply using these gadgets hardly means an organization is embracing the power of mobility. Many businesses believe the misconception …

Workplace Gamification: The Service Companies Need from Their MSP

In Technology by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Well, not anymore. Gamification is the hot new trend many organizations are using to increase the level of employee engagement in the workplace. For the uninitiated, gamification means introducing game-thinking in non-game environments. In the case of workplace gamification, common elements—like competition, rewards, and storytelling—are “borrowed” from traditional games and …