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#SMACTalk Episode # 32 – Employee Advocacy: You Have a Branding Problem!

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What is employee advocacy? Is it social employees or perhaps employee engagement? And what should brands and companies be doing with employee advocacy? A lot of leaders wonder what employee advocacy is and employees ask themselves, “Who am I advocating for?” Often the response to discussions and events around employee advocacy is fractional compared to other topics like social selling. …

Finding the Happy Medium Between BYOD and Shadow IT

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Portable electronic devices are everywhere. Growing in number and types over the past decade, smartphones, tablets, and everything in between make up the daily devices we use to stay in touch and up to date. With more and more companies adopting BYOD (bring your own device) policies, shadow IT isn’t really in the shadows anymore. Shadow IT  is now being perceived …

The Role of Technology in Employee Advocacy

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There is no question about it, with the mainstreaming of social media and mobile technology, your employees are more highly connected than ever. Add the recent workplace trends of BYOD and remote working, and we have blurred the lines between work and leisure. We now experience almost zero transition between professional and personal lives — almost around the clock. This …