What Future Ready Enterprise Means to Me

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We are in a world that knows no bounds. Technology is driving the growth engine, helping small companies become large enterprises faster than ever before. Companies like Uber and Airbnb quickly grew from humble startups to major market players in their industries. What catapults their growth? It’s that these brands have an eye for the future. This insight works in their benefit. However, …

As Leaders Push for More Data-Driven Culture, CMOs Better Keep Up

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Data or intuition? That seems to be the question for many of our business leaders today who say they want more analysis of data, while still putting great trust in their intuition when making decisions. With Big Data finding its way into just about every marketing conversation, Chief Marketing Officers are forced to react to the trend for more analysis. However, …

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#CES2015: It’s All About the Big Data [#Podcast]

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Sure Big Data isn’t a new topic. In fact the idea that we are making such a big deal about it is kind of funny because as enterprises we have been collecting, storing and inappropriately been using data for decades. Yes, we have more of it now, and more data means more challenges. However, our big data problem may not …