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The Advantages of Unified Communications as a Service [UCaaS]

In Collaboration by Lisa RemoLeave a Comment

The idea of what makes an office is changing, thanks in huge part to the transformative power of cloud computing, bringing with it new ways to video conference, screen share, and collaborate. As “the office” moves away from the concrete notion of cubicles and fluorescents, business leaders must ensure that employees have streamlined tools in place to allow them to …

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Video Conferencing: Make It Easy for the End User—Or Else! 

In Collaboration by Eric Vidal2 Comments

In this age of digital-everything, user experience (UX) reigns supreme. Whether we’re talking about targeting your client-facing marketing initiatives, strengthening your employee-facing communications via collaboration tech, or anything in between—it’s all about the end user. Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in the world of video conferencing. How are video technology companies working to make end user experiences seamless …

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Crowded Collaboration Space: Can New Entrants Meet Demands? 

In Collaboration by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

If you’ve ever tried to get your team on a conference call—on time—while sharing documents or chatting with colleagues online—you know how challenging it can be. Perhaps that’s why so many new players are popping up like weeds in the unified communications (UC) market, providing hope and accessibility to comm-addicted companies worldwide. Despite the growing number of providers—or perhaps because …

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The Future of Videoconferencing 

In Technology by Eric VidalLeave a Comment

Modern workplaces are made of much more than cubicles, bricks, and mortar. In this digital world where teams and business partnerships aren’t always composed of players in the same city, state, or even country, connectivity and collaboration reign supreme. Video is a powerful medium that satisfies those evolving needs, changing everything from how consumers shop to how teams—like our 30-strong …

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Video Collaboration: Five Trends to Watch in 2017 

In Collaboration by Eric Vidal1 Comment

Video collaboration has become a critical component of enterprise infrastructure, enabling teams to communicate efficiently regardless of their physical location. Essentially, video has made collaboration in the workforce more about contributions and less about coordinates—a feature especially relevant to our largely-remote team of 30+ here at V3 Broadsuite. We’re not alone. Video collaboration is growing more important for businesses of …

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Cisco Spark: A Collaboration Platform That Puts the ‘Transformation’ in ‘Digital Transformation’

In Digital Transformation by Eric VidalLeave a Comment

Have you heard the saying, “content is king?” Thanks to an evolving digital landscape paired with the unparalleled access provided by the spread of mobile technologies, there might be another word to add to success-driving workplace royalty: Collaboration. Our team at Broadsuite Media Group believes in the power of collaboration so strongly that we recently took a dive into Cisco …