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Cisco and Verizon C-V2X Test Boosts Autonomous Driving Use Case

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Cisco and Verizon collaboration on PoC test that could help streamline autonomous driving applications by virtualizing roadside infrastructure by eliminating expensive Roadside Units to boost C-V2X signals. Futurum’s Ron Westfall analyzes why the Cisco Verizon PoC can boost ecosystem support for C-V2X technology and accelerate deployment of autonomous driving use cases such as robotaxis and last-mile delivery bots.

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Qualcomm Spoke Partnership Brings C-V2X to Bicycles, Expands Smart Transportation Safety Ecosystem

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Futurum Senior Analyst Olivier Blanchard breaks down how Qualcomm’s partnership with Spoke, the mobility platform, finally brings C-V2X technology to vulnerable road users (VRUs) like cyclists and scooter riders to make sharing the road with cars and trucks more safe. This analysis covers some of the most positive aspects of this partnership, as well as some of the main market hurdles that Spoke’s solutions may initially encounter in its first 12 to 24 months.