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Teradata Reimagines Strategy to Deliver Sustainable Growth and Value Creation

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Teradata introduced the Reimagined Teradata at its recent Investor Day and Influencer Summit events including long-term financial growth targets and new the Analytics 1-2-3 framework’s support of BYOM capabilities for the Teradata Vantage platform. Futurum’s Ron Westfall explores how Teradata’s $1B+ in Cloud ARR and approximately $550M in free cash flow by fiscal 2025 objective strengthens the company’s enterprise analytics ecosystem influence, boosts portfolio differentiation, and advances its Analytics 1-2-3 proposition.

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AI for SMBs: Actionable Tips for Strategic Implementation

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Artificial intelligence (AI) or bust. That’s the chant you’ll hear across the digital landscape today as major corporations are beginning to reap the rewards associated with automation, machine learning, and digital assistants. I mean, we all know AI is going to be revolutionary for the big players in the digital marketplace. But for SMBs who lack the same resources, talent, …