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Simplifying and Standardizing UC with the Cisco Spark Board

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Clunky software and thousands of dollars spent on collaboration tools have always seemed to be the norm for UC solutions. The dream of simply being able to use video conferencing from anywhere, while collaborating with your team seemed to be too far-fetched to be believed. While the need for collaboration continues to skyrocket, it seems that the next big tool has always been a step behind.

Just recently, Cisco launched a UC tool that has finally encompassed what it means to be connected. The Cisco Spark Board, part of the Spark portfolio is a new meeting room solution that provides unified messaging, communication and productivity. The Spark Board provides users with chat capabilities, but also video conferencing and voice.

Your UC solution can finally have the benefit of a collaboration tool that means business. The “easy button” of collaboration is here. Want to know how your employees can benefit? Let’s talk.

Connection and Collaboration Remotely

Although remote work has existed for some time, business is evolving and making way for herds of employees to experience working from their home office space. While the benefits of remote work are many, the issue of full team collaboration and connection has been on the forefront as a possible downfall. And collaborating with your remote employees in other parts of the world? Sometimes too cumbersome to think about.

The Cisco Spark Board gives you and your employees—no matter where they are—access to your meeting room, wherever that may be. Your business and important meetings are no longer given four walls. Your remote employees can reach your meeting room through their PC, mobile device or tablet, quickly and simply. And it doesn’t stop at just video conferencing. Your remote employees are able to collaborate on screen in many ways including making notes using the Whiteboard and sharing their screen for slideshows and images.

Security is also a major feature in Cisco’s product. Each mark that is made on the whiteboard, for example, is encrypted, before it is sent to the cloud for others to view. The Spark Board detects users as they enter the video conference room, so you always know who’s there.

Those working remotely will also be able to see the meeting room and feel as if they are collaborating face to face with onsite employees; a powerful part of collaboration is feeling present.

Collaboration Has No End

Or it shouldn’t. Brilliant ideas that happen after the meeting is over should be shared. The Spark Board with the Spark app allows for collaboration after everyone has gone home. Or during lunch. This feature is available not only for employees that attended the meeting, but also those who were outside of the meeting or unavailable.

This feature is especially helpful for employees that may be in different time zones or on the other side of the pond. Collaboration can still happen, even after regular business hours and no brilliant idea or comment will be missed. Deals that can be made out of the blue during meeting times can be made without missing a thing – and that is good news for you.

It Can Handle It All

Using 4K UHD, presentations, documents and whiteboard drawings come alive for you and your viewers. These creations are customizable as well, giving you free creative reign. And yes, you can use the touchscreen or a pen, whichever works best for you. Your employees can watch your ideas happen right in front of them, allowing magic to happen: collaboration at all stages of the idea life cycle.

If you need a switch, your whiteboard quickly turns into a video conferencing screen or you can bring up a report from your own PC to share with your group. Switching back and forth from one thing to the next quickly and efficiently creates a smooth meeting for all.

The Spark Board can also turn your meeting space into a clean and thought-provoking room by removing all wires, hardware, whiteboards, and clutter from your walls. The all-in-one solution truly is the all-in-one.

With the future at hand, the need for collaboration has never been stronger. The Cisco Spark Board is truly the all-in-one solution for UC, in office or out. A growing business must be able to flex when it comes to communication ability. The Spark suite not only delivers on that need but gives you communication that the business world has been craving without knowing.

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