Linking Social Listening & Big Data to make better business decisions SMACtalk Live Ep 5. (Podcast)

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Episode 5 of SMACtalk Live (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) had hosts Brian olivierFanzo & Daniel Newman welcoming special co-host Olivier Blanchard (@TheBrandBuilder) to discuss linking social listening and big data to make better business decisions.


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Topics discussed on this podcast episode:

 Social Data:

Changes to Facebook Organic Reach and its affect on small businesses and enterprises.

  • A/B testing on social media… Testing and Tweaking everything
    • Understanding the impact of social channels beyond just reach.
    • Investing money and understanding the value of social media.
    • Need for training social media managers and leaders on the value of the data on social media platforms.
  • Creating a Media Hub
    • The need for businesses to build a media hub that is owned, shifting the focus instead of just creating an audience on Social Platform.
      • Need for a Media Hub and Channels that help amplify content like Facebook,
    • Using Social Media for content marketing, community management, customer service, social listening and market research.
  • Content on Social Media
    • Need for Dynamic Content on Social Media including YouTube video that leverages social data.
    • Digital agencies must change their approach to what content they are creating thanks to the shift on the importance of great content then all they needed was great headlines and now they’re creating content that is good enough and pay for the distribution to get people to see it.
    • Need for real journalism and creating great content teamed with great relationships with their community to help customers make better decisions.
    • Understanding the growth of podcasting because people can consume multiple pieces of content at once.
    • The end user in the end has the control and must be trained to “unfollow/mute/unlike” content and brands that aren’t providing value so they can consume better content and take control of their social media newsfeed/content consumption!
  • Brands must have a better understanding of “Why they’re on social?”
    • It’s not just about marketing and communication
    • Brands that tell better stories with content that is aligned with their employee advocacy will be the stories that most resonate with their audiences!
    • Empower employees to be the RockStars of the company.
    • Must understand and embrace the human element of social media and content storytelling.
    • Cognitive computing will drastically change how we create content and leverage data focusing more on the future, creating content dynamically fueled by social listening
    • If you’re not doing more listening and analytics than pushing or posting than you’re doing social wrong!

Inside Out Adoption of Social and Technology leaves data at the heart of business.  Brands must leverage these changes to make better business decisions!

More about this weeks special co-host Olivier Blanchard:

Olivier Blanchard is a global business consultant specializing in brand strategy, marketing management, social business integration, consumer insights management, and change management. He helps companies and their strategic partners understand how to develop effective digital strategies, properly deploy social business capabilities across their organizations, and align their programs to business goals and objectives. Though based in the US, his geographic range extends beyond North America to Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. He is the author of the #1 social business desk reference for digital managers and business executives: Social Media ROI: Managing and Measuring Social Media Efforts In Your Organization (Que/Pearson).


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