Is the IoT Really Improving Productivity?

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Is the IoT Really Improving Productivity?

There are approximately 28 billion Internet connected devices in the world today and by 2020, that number is expected to double. It’s not just smartphones and tablets either. Everything from light bulbs to refrigerators and from washing machines to security systems are becoming part of the Internet of things (IoT). In fact, IoT devices are so common now that many of the things we use on a daily basis are connected to the Internet without us even realizing it.

Businesses Must Understand IoT Devices

When it comes to business, it’s important to understand how these devices work, especially for small or new businesses. At the same time, it’s also important for businesses to understand how these devices can impact employees. Since IoT devices can be so important to your company’s success, you can’t afford to let your employees use a device that doesn’t work for your business. Therefore, you must determine whether or not your IoT devices are actually boosting productivity. These are some of the issues you should consider when making those decisions.

  1. Onslaught of Data. With so many devices connected to the Internet creating tons of data, it stands to reason that managing that data would be a huge challenge. Deciphering what data is important to your company and employees is the primary key to success. This means every team member using a connected device will need access to effective analytics tools to make sense of all that information. Additionally, by observing and understanding how employees use this technology, you can significantly increase productivity.
  2. Changing the Daily Commute. Being stuck in traffic or on the subway can lead to lost time and productivity. However, since we have so many devices always connected to the Internet, employees can use this time to get work done instead of it going to waste. This can significantly increase overall productivity, especially as more employees use different forms of transportation other than a personal vehicle.
  3. Better Time Management. If your IoT device helps you and your employees improve time management, it’s already proved to be a worthwhile investment. Mobile devices can help all of us manage our schedule, tasks and even our free time more efficiently; and in turn, be more productive.
  4. Streamlining Processes. With IoT-enabled building management systems capable of providing real-time access to your employees’ locations, this information can help uncover valuable insights into several key areas affecting your business including occupancy, workflows and overall efficiencies. Company executives can then leverage this information when planning recruiting practices, inventory management and more.
  5. Improved Safety and Security. Safety and security are important for any company, including physical safety and data security. Connected devices not only can protect your physical office building, but can also help protect other assets such as equipment and private information.
  6. Mobile Device Management. There are several key benefits to implementing a mobile device management strategy. For starters, being able to remotely manage devices is a huge benefit to the IT department, as well as to employees. Maintaining a focused mobile device management program allow executives and employees alike access to company data and information via these devices when they’re away from the office. Furthermore, they will be able to share important information easily with key stakeholders no matter their location or time of day.
  7. Enhanced Asset Management. Another important factor to consider to determine if a connected device will increase productivity is whether it improves your inventory and asset management. With the right connected devices and strategically located sensors or beacons, you can better manage your assets and significantly boost your bottom line at the same time. Therefore, IoT devices that improve these factors will certainly increase productivity.
  8. Improved Adaptation to Changing Work Standards. This is a primary benefit of using connected devices designed to increase productivity. The work place is constantly changing. Disruption of the status quo is becoming commonplace and new technology advancements are never-ending. While these changes tend to create a whole new set of challenges, IoT devices can help companies successfully navigate these changes with greater ease, making the transition to new working environments much easier.

IoT Advice from New Era Tech 

IoT is here to stay and as the number of connected devices continues to grow, the need for businesses to understand how these devices work will be critical. It’s imperative that the leaders of your company or enterprise determine which devices will best enhance productivity and which ones will not.

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  1. I would like to say that Yes, IoT surely improving productivity but just we need to identified where and how we are putting our efferts.

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