Hansen Provision Release 7.0 Ups Hansen’s Native-Cloud and 5G Game

Hansen Provision Release 7.0 Ups Hansen’s Native-Cloud and 5G Game

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Hansen Provision Release 7.0 Ups Hansen’s Native-Cloud and 5G Game

The News: Hansen Technologies announced the general availability of Hansen Provision Release 7.0, the next generation of its globally deployed service activation application. With this release, Hansen Provision adopts a new, cloud-native architecture to scale fulfillment operations and processes for services enabled by 5G and virtualized network services. Read the full Hansen press release.

Hansen Provision Release 7.0 Readies Operators for Cloud-native 5G Fulfillment Demands

Analyst Take: Hansen Provision Release 7.0 targets the fast-growing demand among communications service providers (CSPs) for massively scalable, cloud-native solutions that potentially reduce provisioning errors across legacy and next-generation networks while also allowing them to take advantage of new revenue opportunities. Hansen prudently based its new release on an advanced micro-services architecture, designed to enable new capabilities that accelerate the development and roll out of activation capabilities, supporting new or amended service offerings, and reducing time-to-revenue as well as time-to-value.

Hansen needed to launch Hansen Provision Release 7.0 in order to show sustained momentum following the completion of its acquisition of Sigma Systems on June 1, 2020. With the completed purchase, the “Sigma, a Hansen Company” brand adopted at the beginning of 2020, was replaced by absorbing the Sigma namesake into the Hansen brand and portfolio. I anticipate this branding strategy will prove rewarding since it streamlines Hansen’s sales and marketing outreach and demonstrates the company’s ability to successfully integrate recently acquired assets.

Hansen Provision Release 7.0 strengthens its Create-Sell-Deliver offering, enabling customers to employ a configuration-first approach, using configurable interfaces, tariffs, and administrative tools, which are designed to accelerate their service launches and upgrades. The new release’s pre-integration with Hansen Catalog, Hansen OM (Order Management) and Hansen Portfolio augments Hansen’s ability to drive more operator service fulfillment business in emerging 5G and virtualized network environments. I believe Hansen’s portfolio can now better fulfill a broader range of industry provisioning demands in create-sell-deliver environments, spanning fixed, mobile, IP/broadband, TV, interconnection, and service provider management applications.

With the Hansen Provision Release 7.0 debut, Hansen delivers the cloud-native provisioning key to scaling and monetizing next-generation networks. Basing the new product on a micro-services architecture hastens the ability of customers to improve the agility of their service and product delivery, as well as manage the demands of elastically scaling mass-scale infrastructure. I anticipate the micro-service approach can improve Hansen’s total cost of ownership (TCO) proposition and reduce management overhead. Moreover, I foresee Hansen’s customers gaining the capability to extend multiservice support across legacy and next-gen networks, as well as easing independent product upgrade paths.

Hansen Provision Release 7.0 Boosts Hansen’s Competitiveness in Driving New Operator Business

The new product bolsters Hansen’s overall network service and device activation proposition, obliging both major rivals, such as Netcracker, Amdocs, Ericsson, Huawei, and Nokia, as well as specialists such as MATRIXX Software, Openet, Optiva, and Cerillion to take heed of the Hansen Provision Release 7.0 launch. Hansen boosts its ability to enhance operator targeting of vertical industries, such as the energy, satellite, and connected car segments, where the company is expanding. In particular, I foresee Hansen’s extensive corporate DNA and sales experience in the energy and utilities segment providing crucial differentiation in driving operator targeting of that highly valued vertical within 5G implementations (both non-standalone and standalone) as well as for high priority 5G applications such as B2C product creation and B2B business transformation.

Overall, I expect the new release to broaden Hansen Provision’s addressable market and presence, especially since the offering is currently deployed in the fulfillment operations of more than 40 CSPs worldwide (e.g., Vodafone, Bell, SmarTone, Telstra, Claro, Spectrum). Now the onus is on Hansen to show how the new cloud-native fulfillment benefits of the Hansen Provision Release 7.0 further expands its presence in the global CSP space, especially in 5G and virtualized network environments, as well as powering CSP expansion into verticals such as energy and utilities.

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