Digital Disconnection, Good and Bad of Doing So! #SMACtalk Ep 21

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In this episode of SMACTalk, my co-host Brian Fanzo and I discuss the “Digital Disconnect” experience that we both shared when we headed to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. 

As two highly technology dependent millennials, we share how we reacted to finding out that we wouldn’t have internet access for nearly half a day, and whether or not disconnecting from digital is something we should strive to do more often.

Prior to embarking on our journey overseas, we both came across a number of people (ironically online) who felt that this was one of those “important” opportunities for us to be alone with our thoughts. However, both Brian and I found ourselves in a bit of a panic because we knew there was work to be done and conversations to be had. 

As we further flesh out this topic, we found ourselves discussing that really it comes down to each individual. Some people respond extremely well to being disconnected, while others do not. And if being disconnected adds enormous stress then perhaps that isn’t the best approach. 

We concluded that the keys to understanding your individual need to be connected (or disconnected) are as follows. 

Priorities: What are the most important things that need to get done and where does your digital universe stand in comparison to your physical one. At times being more or less connected depends on whom you are with and what your are trying to get done. 

Preference: If being connected makes you feel better and you prefer to operate in a constant state of connectedness, perhaps taking long periods to disconnect isn’t ideal. 

Productivity: Depending on your role, being connected may be critical to performing. If being digitally disconnected minimizes your productivity then why would you disconnect? 

Notifications (Management): Maybe the best thing you can do, and Brian is terrific at this is manage your notifications so that what shows up on your device home screen doesn’t overwhelm your life. There are critical messages/inputs and less important ones. By making yourself actively seek the less important ones you can be “less connected” at times but know you aren’t missing anything super important. 

So check out the show…we also dig into wearables, next generation email and an inaugural appearance for myself on Meerkat…

As always we are grateful to be able to share our insights and views with you the listener, and welcome feedback, suggestions and open conversation at all times using the hashtag #SMACtalk.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 11.45.43 AMThis episode is sponsored by IBM to help companies envision a #NewWayToWork.  IBM Verse, their new revolutionary social & email solution, can free up time for you to focus on this by calming your email. 


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