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mHealth Apps Publishing: Strong on Ideas, Weak on the Bottom Line?

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I am not sure that I’ve seen as much hype around an industry silo than that surrounding health and the mHealth app movement. So, it is not surprising that research2guidance’s mHealth App Developer Economics 2016 report highlights what many developers and publishers might be ignoring: the imbalance between supply and demand. The story here is that 259,000 mHealth apps are …

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Botnets on the March: IOT Disruption and What It Means for Healthcare

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I’ve been intrigued by the buzz around IOT, especially when it comes to the utility in the healthcare ecosystem. Just think of the possibilities: proactive monitoring of patients by clinicians, earlier hospital discharge, and of late, cognitive computing that not only promotes better clinical care but also optimizes research. And that’s just the clinical end of the spectrum; if you …