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Zoomtopia — Zoom’s Third Annual User Conference

For the third year now, Zoom will host its annual user conference. The conference is called Zoomtopia and is held October 15 – 16 in San Jose. The two-day event gives users a first-hand look at the current state of the Zoom Unified Communications platform. Vendors and partners will also be on hand to demonstrate how they work with Zoom. Here’s why you should make the trek to Silicon Valley in October for Zoomtopia,

First Zoomtopia Event Following Its IPO

This is the first Zoomtopia since the company went public in April. The company’s quarterly earnings report clearly highlighted Zoom is heading in the right direction. CEO Eric Yuan will kick off the event with a keynote talking about their stock success and product future.

Zoomtopia Expo Hall

Event organizers are using a space theme for this year’s Zoomtopia conference. The Colony Expo Hall is where you will find all the partners that support and augment Zoom. In the past, this space has been used to demonstrate integration with Augmented Reality, Slack, and Workplace by Facebook. Distributors will also be on hand to showcase their Zoom Rooms.

Hallway discussions

Hallway discussions may well be the most essential part of any Zoomtopia event. These are small, intimate chats with real world uses of Zoom. Hallway talks aren’t necessarily on the show agenda, but they indeed take place every day. You will meet others in your same position offering insights on the way they are using the platform. Discovering how colleagues and competitors are leveraging Zoom is invaluable. Zoomtopia is the one place where these conversations happen seamlessly.


In both the Constellation Talks and Lightspeed Theater, presentations will take place. The spaces offer Zoom employees and partners a space to show how Zoom can make your company better. Zoom is evolving into more than just a video conferencing service. Sitting in on one of the Talks or Theater would give you insight into how you can leverage the Zoom platform more.

I’m not saying Zoomtopia is worth bringing your entire team, but it’s definitely worth sending a few key members. The keynote chats with other users, and the Lightspeed Theater are both worth attending. Sending a small group for the Expo Hall is also a good investment. Zoom is poised to dominate the Unified Communications space even more than they do now. Getting a roadmap to where they are heading is a good idea for you and your company.

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