Analytics, Mobile & Robotics Impact on Future of Digital Work w/ @LouisColumbus #CloudTalk

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Analytics, Mobile & Robotics Impact on Future of Digital Work w/ @LouisColumbus #CloudTalk

#CloudTalk Thursday February 19th is excited to welcome Louis Columbus, Vice President Worldwide Marketing at iBASE to discuss how Analytics, Mobile & Robotics are impacting the future of digital work.

Louis, a regular contributor to Forbes, recently wrote two data backed posts discussing how manufacturing and factories are being transformed with Big Data, analytics, Mobile and Robotics.

In the one post titled Ten Ways Big Data is Revolutionizing Manufacturing he explained the findings from the McKinsey & Company who had recently published How Big Data Can Improve Manufacturing including the below graphic.


In addition to the examples provided in the McKinsey article, there are ten ways big data is revolutionizing manufacturing:

  1. Increasing the accuracy, quality and yield of biopharmaceutical production.
  2. Accelerating the integration of IT, manufacturing and operational systems making the vision of Industrie 4.0 a reality.
  3. Better forecasts of product demand and production (46%), understanding plant performance across multiple metrics (45%) and providing service and support to customers faster (39%) are the top three areas big data can improve manufacturing performance.
  4. Integrating advanced analytics across the Six Sigma DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control) framework to fuel continuous improvement.
  5. Greater visibility into supplier quality levels, and greater accuracy in predicting supplier performance over time.
  6. Measuring compliance and traceability to the machine level becomes possible.
  7. Selling only the most profitable customized or build-to-order configurations of products that impact production the least.
  8. Breaking quality management and compliance systems out of their silos and making them a corporate priority.
  9. Quantify how daily production impacts financial performance with visibility to the machine level.
  10. Service becomes strategic and a contributor to customers’ goals by monitoring products and proactively providing preventative maintenance recommendations.

Read more about each of these 10 examples here!

In Louis’s other post Big Data Analytics, Mobile Technologies And Robotics Defining The Future Of Digital Factories he shared some amazing examples and take aways from SCM World, The Digital Factory: Game-Changing Technologies That Will Transform Manufacturing Industry (Client access) by Pierfrancesco Manenti,

  1. Mobile technologies and applications (75%), big data analytics (68%) and advanced robotics (64%) are considered the three most disruptive technologies by manufacturers today.
  2. Big Data analytics (42%), advanced robotics (30%), mobile technologies and applications (36%), Internet of things/cyber-physical systems (36%) and digital manufacturing (29%) are the top five technologies manufacturers are relying on to improve agility, responsiveness and reliability of their operations.
  3. 58% of manufacturers are either piloting or planning to invest in mobile technologies and applications, followed by big data analytics (49%).

Read more about each here! 

We will discuss these facts and more with Louis Thursday at Noon during our weekly CloudTalk Hangout + Twitter Chat.

Make sure to RSVP via G+ Hangout Here or watch the interview live on the YouTube Channel Below.  As always you can join the conversation on twitter during the live broadcast using the hashtag #CloudTalk to answer the questions, submit your questions for the guest or simply engage and learn from the community.

Questions For the Hangout Twitter Chat

  • Q1. Why do you think analytics and Big Data are becoming so pervasive in manufacturing today? #CloudTalk
  • Q2. What process areas can analytics and Big Data revolutionize the most in manufacturing today and in the future? #CloudTalk
  • Q3.If you were going to create a new #analytics app for #mfg today, what would it be and why? #cloudtalk
  • Q4. How, where and why is the #cloud paying off for manufacturers & business today?  #Cloudtalk
  • Q5.  Which manufacturers are adopting  #CloudERP systems and why? Are they abandoning their on-premise systems?   #CloudTalk
  • Q6. How can #Mobile Technologies improve a company’s financial performance? #CloudTalk
  • Q7. What are you seeing in terms of #Mobile technology adoption across manufacturers?  #CloudTalk
  • Q8. Will #robotics or #mobile technologies drive greater economic growth and why?  #CloudTalk
  • Q9. Which region of the world will lead in #robotics adoption and why? #CloudTalk
  • Q10.  Is #3DPrinting part of complex manufacturers’ plans now and in the future?

More about Louis Columbus:

Louis is the Vice President Worldwide Marketing at iBASE:

Marketing and sales professional with expertise in software product management, marketing management, channel and direct sales with emphasis in ERP, catalog and content management, sales and product configuration, pricing, and quoting systems. Expertise and insight into marketing and selling integration solutions for CRM, ERP, SCM and PLM systems.

Primary focus is on launching new enterprise applications, leading industry solutions teams and their go-to-market strategies based on competitive, market, and pricing analysis. Created the Cincom Cloud Computing University which sought to capitalize on the rapid developments in this area for new application and services development.

My passion is finding new opportunities and innovative strategies for serving customers, at the intersection of technology and trust.

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