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T-Mobile Enlists Key 5G Partners to Take 5G Private Wireless to the Next Level with 5G ANS

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Futurum’s Ron Westfall examines how T-Mobile’s Advanced Network Solutions (ANS) launch benefits from its collaboration with Dell, Ericsson, and Nokia in delivering public network, hybrid mobile network, and private network options and capabilities as well as bolsters T-Mobile’s overall 5G private networks and mobile edge compute portfolio proposition.

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Just One is Not Enough: The Rise of Multi-Cloud

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According to recent research, nearly one-third of all businesses use four or more cloud vendors, and these organizations are more satisfied. Even the combination of one private cloud and one public cloud fails to be enough. As a result, the number of organizations relying on a multi-cloud approach will steadily increase: Researchers say 86 percent of enterprises plan to need …

Why More Businesses Should Be Pursuing Hybrid Cloud

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The hybrid cloud combines a public cloud provider with an organization’s private cloud platform. Because the two halves operate independently of one another, it’s possible to store proprietary data on the private cloud while placing noncritical information on the public one. The two systems, although stand-alone, can still communicate through an encrypted connection. This platform duality makes the hybrid cloud …

Hybrid Cloud Means Hybrid Security Measures

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I recently walked you through a check-list, on what CIOs need to know about hybrid cloud—the IT sweet spot that marries in-house and cloud-based infrastructure—and what it could mean to their organizations. With all its versatility and promise, there is no doubt that hybrid clouds are the future for many at the enterprise level. But, with all that versatility and …

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Looking at Hybrid Cloud and Security? Welcome to the Matrix

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As a strategist, I’ve really enjoyed working on this hybrid cloud series. I love how hybrid cloud acts as an extension of what most organizations already have—providing an extremely effective additional tier to on-site physical storage infrastructure. It’s a highly scalable option for businesses that don’t need to keep all their data physically in-house. And I know that if you’re …