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Tackling Collaborative Overload in Your Organization

In Collaboration by Eric VidalLeave a Comment

Collaborative activities drive business outcomes because they open channels of communication and invite innovation. Today’s millennial workers, especially, are accustomed to working in close-knit teams, bouncing ideas off each other, and earning instant feedback from colleagues. While strong communication remains a cornerstone of the modern business model, too much of anything can become a problem. When collaborative overload taxes your …

Is Unified Communications, Unifying Communications

In Technology by Daniel Newman1 Comment

In the integration space, particularly the AV integration space, unified communications (UC) has long been a highly discussed, yet rarely understood topic. For many years, AV professionals have been debating about what is included in a unified communications solution—is it voice and video? Does it include messaging or presence? What about real time web collaboration? And how is social media …