Simplify Disaster Recovery with Backup as a Service

Simplify Disaster Recovery with Backup as a Service

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Simplify Disaster Recovery with Backup as a Service

From a simple power outage to a catastrophic hurricane, disasters can happen at any given moment. With technology usage at an all-time high, businesses can suffer detrimental consequences if not properly prepared. It is so important to have a disaster recovery plan in place before it is truly needed.

Backup as a service or BaaS offers reliability and protection against the effects of any event or disaster that threatens your company’s data and the ability to access it. When data cannot be accessed, downtime can cause your company to lose precious time and revenue. With a BaaS solution and a disaster recovery plan, you’re guaranteed to be up and running again faster.

Let’s take a few minutes to discuss the benefits of BaaS programs and what they can do for your business.


Backups are conveniently accessible when you need them. Your data is not hidden in the trenches when disaster comes. Instead, it is simple to find the data you need, when you need it. BaaS takes productivity to a whole new level with the convenience of data saving. Information that is collected or added to your system is automatically saved. There is no need to proactively save, label and track your own information because the BaaS solution will do it for you.


During a disaster, when downtime is at a high, security for your data should be a top priority. BaaS solutions offer a level of safety that is unmatched. Data is placed in a secure, state of the art facility with physical and virtual security measures in place. Downtime can be a huge liability for companies when it comes to cybersecurity and virtual threats. However, BaaS ensures that even when your system is down, your data will remain secure from all threats and potential breaches.


BaaS solutions are competitively priced to provide an affordable end-to-end solution. According to CIO Magazine, “As technology becomes a greater part of business operations, budgets have been steadily growing. The 2017 survey found that enterprise organizations project a 4.8% increase in 2017 IT budgets.” Small to medium-sized businesses are spending up to 6.9% of their revenue already on their IT efforts.

With numbers like this, it is important to note that choosing a BaaS solution can reduce these costs due to the reduction of the managing and troubleshooting of these backup systems. This is done by the vendor of the BaaS solution you choose, not your IT department.


BaaS solutions are extremely reliable when it comes to getting your data and containing it. The configuration is highly redundant, ensuring your data is always where it should be. Beyond the solution itself, the vendor and the professionals working to protect your data will be reliable in retrieving the data you need and storing the data you don’t.


As a business owner, there are millions of tasks that you must remain knowledgeable about. When it comes to technology, understanding it all can be overwhelming, let alone learning a new data storage and backup system. There is good news here. With BaaS solutions, there is no additional training required for your IT staff. There is also zero user configuration needed on your end. The solution is implemented straight into your current system and starts to work almost immediately to protect your data.


Too many vendors and solutions boast way too many features, most of which your business doesn’t even want to use or need. BaaS offers scalability, which means you plan can grow as you grow. You will only pay for storage that you use. There are other optional services you can purchase with your BaaS including managed security and more. However, you will not be forced to use these options. This is perfect for businesses who want to be able to grow fast, with low overhead.

Sometimes, data exceeds the amount of data planned for, which makes BaaS a great option. Steve Pao, CMO for Igneous Systems states, “The agility of cloud gives enterprises the flexibility to adjust when real-world data growth exceeds planning assumptions made years earlier. BaaS with cloud tiering can offer agility in the event of the unexpected.”

BaaS offers the flexibility of running your business, without the fear of incredible downtime during disasters. BaaS is fully managed, allowing you to run in the cloud until data center operations are restored. BaaS solutions are also compliant with all regulations including HIPAA, PCI DSS, GLBA, SOX, and GMPA.

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