Where is my inventory?

Where is My Inventory [Whitepaper]

In by Eric Vidal

In a constantly changing marketplace, it can be difficult to predict consumer needs. This difficulty is only made worse when your business oversees manufacturing and selling consumer products. No other industry must account for so many variables to have efficient product placement. One day your inventory is fine, the next, it’s completely vanished.

Does this sound familiar? If it does, you’re not alone. Many companies are trying to manage the inventory and the manufacturing of consumer products based on outdated information. To be successful in the consumer product industry, it’s vital that your company is using real-time analytics and technology to track inventory, monitor logistics, control distribution, and even predicting market needs.

Operating with the most recent and accurate information regarding supply chains, inventory, and logistics will allow your company to respond to the immediate needs of the market. Responding to real-time market needs translates into higher profits and lower losses.

Luckily, if your business is having trouble tracking consumer products, there is new technology on the market that can simply and track every variable needed to ensure the highest level of profits. Cloud-based ERP solutions can help run your consumer products business more efficiently.

Cloud-based ERP solutions allow you to spend more time focusing on your business and less time decrypting reports that are more often than not outdated. These cloud-based solutions allow you to capture every customer on every channel, lending invaluable market insight. It also enables absolute accuracy in tracking supply chain and sales of consumer products.

Cloud-based ERPs are the future of the consumer products industry. If your company is utilizing multiple platforms to extend your ecommerce arm, cloud-based ERPs analyze complex supply chain details to make sure your company is meeting market demand.

But how exactly do cloud-based ERPs work? Are they really that much of a game changer? And what specific benefits will a cloud-based ERP provide your consumer products business? The answer to these vital questions can be found in this whitepaper by Sean Barbera from Navigator Business Solutions. If you want to manage your consumer products business more efficiently, stay competitive in an increasingly complex marketplace, and maximize profits with a cloud-based ERP solution, reading this whitepaper is a must.



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