A Business Intelligence (BI) Solution: What It Is and Why You Need It [Whitepaper]

In by Eric Vidal

Does your business struggle with timely, meaningful measurement of performance? Are the key performance indicators that matter to many only visible to a few? Perhaps you’re spending too much time assembling and organizing data instead of analyzing it and applying the insight to move your business forward. Maybe IT is becoming overburdened by your entire organizations’ reliance on them for report development and data preparation.

Any of that sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone. The good news is there are tools designed to specifically address these needs, and you don’t have to have mile-deep pockets to get them. Even better news—the ROI on these investments can often be calculated in months, and you could see increased returns or efficiency after a single project.

Just what is the answer, you ask? Every business, regardless of its size, can benefit from Business Intelligence (BI) solutions that empower users with environments that supply the tools to support confident, timely decision making.

Let’s face it—many modern companies struggle in some way with data, analytics, and access to it all thanks to the slew of devices and applications available today. For years, enterprise companies have deployed BI systems to help overcome these challenges, and their investments can now benefit small to midsize companies, too. A mature enterprise reporting solution architected to support over 10,000 users, for example, can now be deployed to a company of 50 with ease and affordability—and, most importantly, without sacrificing functionality.

The key to a successful BI solution includes a solid foundation that can manage a variety of functions—from scheduling to data integration—and that also holds commonalities like security rights and business definitions, among others. The middleware level allows the BI interface to integrate with existing applications, both on-premise and cloud, and leverage their strengths. A winning BI solution must also support a wide range of analytics tools that are accessible from a single portal for maximum benefit.

There’s much more to discuss about surrounding BI platforms. What current trends are contributing to the complexity of the data deluge? What do you need to know when selecting an initial BI investment? How will your organization benefit from the implementation? Answers to these important questions can be found in this whitepaper from DataSense Solutions. If you want to get and stay ahead in this increasingly digital marketplace, this is required reading.

Download:  Empowering Your Users = Empowering Your Business: A Practical Guide to a Realistic Solution

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