Learn How SAP S4/HANA Can Make All the Difference for Your Business in This Can’t-Miss White Paper

In by Eric Vidal

You may have heard chatter lately around the idea that the big data bubble might have formed a slow leak, as a new survey from Gartner recently revealed that while big data investments are still on the rise, the number of organizations buying in is falling.

This doesn’t point to the end of big data—rather, it’s likely the end of those siloed big data initiatives that often underperform. The reality is today’s connected digital economy full of meaningful data has rich potential to change operations from the ground up, and a soft-release isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Incorporating the power of big data and analytics into core competencies and entire business models could be the answer, and organizations are rapidly turning to SAP Business Suite 4 HANA (SAP S/4HANA) for those solutions. SAP S/4HANA is designed with the modern SAP Fiori user experience, helping drive insight across various industries, functions, and roles. The platform allows your business to go beyond traditional transactions and power end-to-end digitized processes from single data points.

What does that mean to you? It means planning, execution, prediction, simulation, and analysis are not only streamlined into one system, but they’re also available in real time so you never miss an opportunity to propel your business forward.

Migrating into the world of embedded analytics platform of SAP S4/HANA can be a big change for your organization, whether you’re starting from scratch or have experience with prior SAP deployments. Hitachi Consulting can assist with this endeavor from the bottom up, helping you assess your infrastructure environment, build a technology roadmap to keep your company competitive, and perform all stages of the software update.

It’s no secret data drives this digital economy. How you use that data to better your business is what separates the industry front-runners from those struggling to keep up. Learn how SAP S/4HANA and Hitachi can help keep you at the front of the pack with this new white paper that shows how you can ease your transition to a more powerful platform.

Dowload the SAP S/4HANA: Accelerate Your Business Model and Simplify Your User Experience.

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