HBAR Foundation Allocates $250 Million to Accelerate Hedera Metaverse

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The News: HBAR Foundation allocates $250 million to accelerate metaverse apps on Hedera. Read the full announcement from Hedera here.

HBAR Foundation Allocates $250 Million to Accelerate Hedera Metaverse

Analyst Take: HBAR Foundation’s $250 million allocation to accelerate the Hedera metaverse represents a quarter of the foundation’s total funds. It’s a bold bet by an organization that only launched in October 2021.

HBAR Foundation launched as an independent organization in October 2021. It was seeded with 5.35 billion hbars worth about $1 billion at current prices. The launch was part of a larger plan by the Hedera Governing Council to allocate a total of 10.7 billion hbars toward the development of the Hedera ecosystem.

Hedera positions itself as the enterprise public blockchain. In every blockchain, there’s a tradeoff between decentralization, security, and performance. With just 39 companies controlling Hedera, it made a clear choice to optimize for security and performance.

I believe that may be exactly the guarantee established brands need to enter the metaverse.

Centralization Can Be a Selling Point for Established Brands

Dapper Labs has deftly executed a permissioned public blockchain strategy with their Flow blockchain. It’s purpose-built for a new generation of apps, games, and digital assets with a focus on bringing existing intellectual property into a new era.

The NBA, UFC, Dr. Seuss, Ubisoft, and many others are all part of the Flow community. They are well-established brands that likely want to tiptoe into the metaverse rather than risk brand value that may have taken decades to build.

Hedera is well-positioned to pursue a similar strategy despite the head start by Flow. This $250 million allocation by the HBAR Foundation is indicative of their intentions, as is a recent collaboration with Ubisoft.

Ubisoft joined the Hedera Governing Council just two months ago and announced a collaboration with the HBAR Foundation to launch a Hedera-dedicated track in the Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab. It seems Ubisoft is hedging its Metaverse bets with projects on both Flow and Hedera.

Stay Tuned: This Will Be the First of Many Hedera Metaverse Announcements

I expect this will be the first of many Hedera metaverse announcements. We’ll likely see much of the initial funding go toward middleware-type services like user-friendly NFT developer tools, NFT marketplaces, and digital rights management. These are among the core building blocks many established brands need to get started.

Where they can, I expect HBAR Foundation to pepper in partnerships with established luxury and gaming companies that are willing to experiment as first movers. This won’t be a tidal wave, but rather enough early adopters with well-recognized brands to keep Hedera’s metaverse progress in the headlines.

Soon enough, something big will happen. Perhaps a massive luxury clothing company will package a virtual NFT version of their good, issued on Hedera, to every purchaser of the physical. Perhaps they’ll even host a concert in the metaverse where the NFT is the pass to get in.

I anticipate it will only take one or two big events to truly demonstrate the viability of the Hedera metaverse. Then the flood gates will open.

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