Classroom Collaboration—Going Beyond Projecting Information

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Classroom Collaboration—Going Beyond Projecting Information

Teachers have been projecting images onto screens to present information to their students for years. Remember when they first introduced the whiteboard? The excitement over projecting images from a laptop or computer to the whiteboard opened up a whole new way to educate and engage children in the classroom. The whiteboard was just the beginning, though. New technology has allowed classroom collaboration to go beyond simply projecting images and is making the learning experience more interactive than ever before.


Cisco’s Spark Board and Spark platform were created to improve collaboration between enterprise team members locally and remotely. It allows for collaboration that includes video, voice, and chat. It can connect wirelessly to a cell phone, tablet, or laptop, allowing for every person who is connected to contribute, whether they are in the room or participating remotely. This makes the Spark Board an exciting application, and one that can also take teaching to the next level, both in the classroom as well as for cyber teaching options.

Here’s a look at just some of the features of the Spark Board and app for collaboration:


Today, students are immersed in technology and finding the right technology to get them to participate in the classroom is essential. Cisco Spark Board offers benefits to teachers and students by taking into consideration the way today’s students learn and collaborate both in the classroom and in their everyday interactions with one another—creating a user-friendly interface that students and teachers will be able to utilize right away.

Spark Board is touch-based and wireless, and includes video capabilities. It can not only handle everything you might need, it’s incredibly easy to learn. It is also highly intuitive, which lowers the learning curve for not just the teachers, but the students as well.

Spark Board connects teachers with students in-person and online, which allows for greater collaboration by allowing every person who is logged in to be a part of the learning process. But, it goes beyond that. If a child is at home sick, they can still be a part of the learning process and not miss anything important. Also, when it comes to tutoring students, office hours, and homework help, the Spark Board allows the teacher to be available to the student no matter where they are.

Outside of the classroom, students stay connected with Spark to work on projects with one another, help with homework, study together, and even conduct after school club business together. For those students who are taking classes online, they can be connected with the students in the classroom. This allows for greater collaboration, idea generation, and expanded relationships.


Classroom collaboration doesn’t just involve teachers collaborating with students; Spark Board also allows teachers to collaborate with each other whenever the need arises. Spark Board, by way of the app, gives teachers any time assess to students’ progress, the ability to conference with other teachers to develop a plan for student success, and the means to meet with students and their parents via video conferencing to review progress and develop intervention plans.

Teachers can also take advantage of this technology when reaching out to administrators. Using the Spark app, teachers can share files and other important information the administrators may need when dealing with a crisis or issue. The app allows them to seamlessly communicate with each other from classrooms, offices, or while they are on the move using the device they have at their disposal.

The applications that the Spark Board provides are endless when it comes to how it can be utilized in the classroom. It is truly changing the way that teachers and students use technology in the education setting. Want to know more about the Spark Board? We’d love to help! Check out all the different solutions to engage students educationally that HB Communications offers.

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