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Managing Your Personal Data: Working Towards Protection Is A Team Effort

In Big Data by Daniel NewmanLeave a Comment

Earlier this year, the Cambridge Analytica data scandal resulted in 87 million Facebook profiles being harvested for data. Over and over, we see scandal after scandal of our personal data, that is collected by a major company, compromised. The company admits to the occurrence, the public reacts in outrage and the company promises transparency and increased security in exchange. And …

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Three Types of Data Every Company Needs

In Big Data by Shawn ElledgeLeave a Comment

The constant stream of data that surrounds us today undoubtedly has the capacity to transform the way that we do business. We have access to unprecedented amounts of information about clients, prospects, and our competitors, which has the power to drive businesses forward in ways that we could have scarcely dreamt about just a few years ago. Having an abundance …