Firewalls vs SBCs: Understanding the OSI Stack Model and Implications for RTC

In by Eric Vidal

Many companies believe that firewalls are sufficient enough to protect against the advanced cybersecurity threats that are out there today. However, as VoIP gains speed, cybersecurity threats are racing alongside it.

In the past, traditional telephone infrastructures were subject to eavesdropping and call diverting. Although these traditional methods are being replaced by VoIP solutions, these threats are not going away. Instead, companies are using VoIP and opening their critical communications up to the internet. With hackers gaining access, it has created new security challenges that only a firewall, mixed with an enterprise session border controller or eSBC, can solve.

This guide will explain how a firewall and an SBC together make up the best security measure for company communications. Although firewalls and SBCs seem to accomplish the same security goals, their differences can be examined at the OSI stack model. Using the OSI stack model, we can see clearly the need for SBCs for proper VoIP security.

This guide explains:

  • What an OSI stack model is
  • How firewalls relate to the OSI
  • How SBCs relate to the OSI
  • How SBCs ensure VoIP security
  • How to avoid conflicts

And much more. As companies of all sizes start to use VoIP for communication, both quality and security must be priorities. Using a firewall and an SBC both, quality is preserved without sacrificing security. It is proven, that even a slight disruption in your network can lead to static during conference calls and video pixilation. A firewall alone cannot solve these issues. Instead, a strategy using an SBC with a firewall can ensure that communication remains unhindered, keeping your business productive always.

Download the guide today to learn more about how SBCs and firewalls can change the way you do business.

Eric Vidal is the Senior VP of Marketing & Principal at Broadsuite Media Group (BMG), a strategic partner of V3B and The Marketing Scope. Eric heads up the lead generation services for brands both large and small, and is a recognized leader in start-ups, marketing, content marketing, lead generation, advertising, tracking behavior, PR, messaging, social media, online events and web collaboration.