Customer expectations for the B2B buying experience have changed dramatically in recent years. The internet, social media channels, and connected, savvy customers mean that the way B2B prospects find, research, and ultimately buy products and services has evolved. Consumers expect brands to offer an ecommerce experience, moreover, they expect that ecommerce experience to be efficient, effective, and seamless. Sound like what you’re looking for in a customer buying experience? You’re definitely not alone—and your B2B prospects are right there with you.

For B2B marketers and brands, creating an omni-channel B2B buying experience is what can make the difference between meeting sales goals and business growth objectives and not. That’s why understanding what an omni-channel experience is, and knowing how to create one is critical importance for marketers. That’s why Itelligence developed this guide outlining the challenges omni-channel presents for marketers, and how to overcome them: B2B Omni-Channel Engagement: Challenges and Solutions from the Mid-Market Perspective.

Why B2B Omni-Channel?

Many B2B suppliers understand the importance of offering an efficient, easy-to-use use ecommerce solution to customers. Integrating omnichannel into the ecommerce experience not only makes the process more efficient, it serves to strengthen customer relationships, and also helps streamline other parts of the customer buying journey. Ensuring that your B2B ecommerce experience is an omni-channel one means that customers have easy access to the same information, regardless of what device or channel they are using to purchase. Desktop, mobile, tablet, website, social, landing page, email campaign—when all parts of your business operations are connected across channels, it makes the customer buying experience quick, painless, and enjoyable.

How to Do It?

Want to know more about how you can create an omni-channel B2B buying experience for your customers and prospects? Want to better meet your team’s sales goals and hit revenue growth objectives? Want happier customers who stay around longer and who purchase more? Chances are good the answer to all those questions is a resounding “yes.” Empowered buyers demand ecommerce solutions that fit their needs and meet their expectations, in spite of whether a sales cycle is simple or complex. There are challenges that B2B brands must face when developing and deploying omni-channel ecommerce solutions, but they’re not insurmountable. This guide will help you get where you need to be in creating a B2B omni-channel experience. Grab it now and get on your way to creating buying experiences that your customers (and your sales team) love: B2B Omni-Channel Engagement: Challenges and Solutions from the Mid-Market Perspective.

Eric Vidal is the Senior VP of Marketing & Principal at Broadsuite Media Group (BMG), a strategic partner of V3B and The Marketing Scope. Eric heads up the lead generation services for brands both large and small, and is a recognized leader in start-ups, marketing, content marketing, lead generation, advertising, tracking behavior, PR, messaging, social media, online events and web collaboration.